Gender Male
Occupation Hunter
Location New Yogo
Novel Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
Voice Actors
Japanese Kenichi Mochizuki
English Michael McConnohie

Zen (ゼン) is a Hunter and a descendant of one of the Eight Warriors who aided the hero who founded New Yogo after he defeated a water demon. His name is an alias meaning "three".

In the anime, Zen is among the four Hunters initially sent to retrieve Prince Chagum when he is taken by Balsa. Both Zen and his comrade Yun are defeated by Balsa in the ensuing fight, though they both survive due to Balsa's efforts to avoid killing. Later in the series, Zen poses as the "Chief", a customer who quickly gains the trust of the errand runner Toya so the Hunters and Shuga will be able to gain information on the whereabouts of Chagum and Balsa.

As with the other Hunters, Zen is skilled in combat and gathering intelligence. He is one of the three Hunters who helps save Tanda from a flower demon in Guardian of the Dream.