Season 1, Episode 20
To the hunters hole
Air date August 18, 2007 (original)
October 31, 2009 (North America)
Kanji 狩り穴
Romaji Kariana
Episode guide
Jiguro Musa

Trap[1] (狩り穴, Kariana) is the twentieth episode of Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit.


Shuga and the hunters arrive in Inishie Village, where they hope to retrieve Chagum and capture Balsa. However, Torogai tells Shuga about the egg eater and its connection to the birth of the water spirit. In order to decipher the remainder of the secret tome and what will occur during the birth of the water spirit, Shuga agrees to return to court without Chagum. Balsa, Chagum, Tanda, and Torogai move to the Hunter's cave, where they prepare for winter.



  1. Alternate English episode title To Hunter's Hole (Viz Media)

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