Those Who Walk the Flame Road
Honoji wo iku mono cover
Title Those Who Walk the Flame Road
Romaji Title Honōji wo Iku Mono
Kanji Title 炎路を行く者
Author Nahoko Uehashi
Illustrator Makiko Futaki
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Wanderer
Followed by
Publisher Kaisei-sha (hardcover)
Shinchosha (paperback)
Publication date

January 2012


ISBN 978-4-03-540380-7

Those Who Walk the Flame Road (炎路を行く者, Honōji wo Iku Mono) is the ninth novel in the Moribito series written by Nahoko Uehashi. In contrast to the previous books in the series, the novel consists of two short stories set in the Moribito world.

Plot IntroductionEdit

Those Who Walk the Flame Road is a collection of two spin-off stories. The first is The Flame Road Traveller, which tells the story of Talsh Empire secret agent Hugo Alayutan as a young man. The second is My Fifteen Year Old Self, which traces the story of Balsa the spear woman.


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