Third Queen
Mikado and queens
Third Queen (far left), First Queen (middle left), Second Queen (middle right), and the Mikado (far right)
Gender Female
Occupation Third Royal Consort to the Mikado
Location New Yogo Empire
Novel Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (mentioned)
Traveler of the Void (mentioned)
Voice Actors
Japanese n/a
English n/a

The Third Queen (三ノ妃, San-no-Kisaki) is the third-ranked wife of the Mikado. She comes from House Yuguraku[1], but her first name is never given.

In contrast to the First and Second Queens, the Third Queen has only daughters and no sons[2]. Her daughters are not eligible to inherit the throne, thus it becomes vital for Chagum to be recovered after Prince Sagum's death.

Eventually she does give birth to a son, Tugum. Little else is known about the Third Queen.


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