Gender Male
Occupation Herbalist
Location New Yogo
Novel Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
Voice Actors
Japanese Kouji Tsujitani
English Peter Doyle

Tanda is a Yaku herbalist who lives in the mountains, as well as a student of Madame Torogai. While his skill as a shaman is lacking, he is a good doctor due to always having to heal Balsa after her many battles. Tanda works as a traveling medicine man, trading his wares with the local towns and cities. His house was originally Torogai's house, and he spent much of his youth there, under her tutelage. The house is a day's walk from Kosenkyo.

Tanda has a long-standing crush on Balsa which began during their childhood. Though Balsa has no apparent indication of reciprocating his feelings, she cares for him deeply. Because of her itinerant lifestyle, Tanda feels some amount of bitterness towards her frequent disappearances, often without any sort of warning. As time passes, however, Balsa accepts her feelings for Tanda, and ultimately the pair end up together.

Tanda mentions seeing the nahji bird in great numbers during his youth, but not since then. Tanda has an older brother, Noshiru, who is married and has a daughter named Kaya[1]; and a younger brother named Kaiza. In appearance, Tanda resembles his grandfather, Kunda, who was a full Yaku but who left his village in the mountains to marry Tanda's grandmother. As a boy, Tanda was openly ridiculed for his strange ways, and his family does not like that he chose to become a magic weaver[1]. Noshiru especially accuses him of shirking work and lying about his spiritual diagnoses.

Tanda is very kind and helps anyone who needs him. He is observant and intelligent, as shown when he realized the La Lunga would only interact with the sig salua flower and those who consumed the flower's nectar.

Tanda's altruism often leads him into trouble. In Guardian of the Dream, while attempting a soul call to rescue his niece Kaya from the dream world, his body is possessed and transformed into a demon, and when his soul is restored to his body he has been badly injured by those trying to defend themselves from the demon. He is kidnapped in Guardian of the God. In Guardian of Heaven and Earth, Tanda joins the New Yogo army in the place of his brother Kaiza, after being convinced by Noshiru to take Kaiza's place since Kaiza had recently had a child. Placed in the lowest ranks of the army, Tanda is so badly injured that Balsa must amputate his arm in order to save his life and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from witnessing death and destruction from the result of war. However, Balsa helps him get through the painful recovery, and the two are implied to live happily ever after.

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