Sig salua flower

Sig Salua flower

Sig salua[1] is a kind of water plant with a distinctive flower and strong scent. It is described as resembling a lotus flower.

The flower grows in Aoike Pond in early spring, the site where the host of the water spirit's egg will await the Rarunga, the spirit that attempts to consume the water spirit's egg. It is known that the Rarunga is especially attracted to the smell of sig salua flowers, while the water spirit's egg requires the nectar of the same flowers to nurture it before it hatches.

The flower possesses powerful supernatural properties which allow it to affect both elements from the visible world of Sagu and the spirit world of Nayug. The drinking the flower's nectar has allowed ordinary people to see into the world of Nayug, as well as spirits that are normally unseen. Wine made from the flower's nectar also can cause a person's soul to fall in between Sagu and Nayug.


  1. Romanized as sig salua in the English adaptation of the anime, and as shigu salua in the English edition of the novels.

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