Gender Female
Occupation Shop assistant
Location New Yogo Empire
Novel Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
Voice Actors
Japanese Ryo Hirohashi
English Erika Lenhart

Saya (サヤ) is an orphan girl who is a friend of Balsa. She is a friendly and gentle girl who helps Toya however she can.


Saya and Toya live in a hut under a bridge near the river in the commoner district of Kosenkyo, the capital of New Yogo. She apparently assists Toya in his errand running business and the two are good friends of Tanda and Balsa. Balsa approaches them in order to hide Chagum until they can leave the city, after which Balsa advises both Saya and Toya to leave the city. They end up residing the countryside at a Yaku village where Tanda's relatives live.

During Saya's stay at the Yaku village, a marriage is arranged between her and a suitable and good-hearted young man around her age. However, Saya is secretly upset by the engagement as she is in love with Toya, who does not notice the extent of her feelings for him. She winds up drinking wine containing a sig salua flower, which causes her soul to leave her body. When Tanda attempts to recover her soul, his soul becomes trapped in the land of Nayug after saving Saya and he requires Balsa's help to return to his body. With Saya recovered, the arranged marriage is called off after everyone learns that the engagement has made her unhappy.

Saya later returns to the city with Toya after he opens his own shop for obtaining and delivering goods to various clients. She helps him in the shop, often serving tea to visitors.