Moon and nayug sun

Sagu's moon and Nayug's sun

Sagu, according to the Yaku people, is the visible world that ordinary humans see and reside in. Most people are unaware of the parallel world of Nayug, which is the supernatural world of the spirits of nature, yet the worlds of Sagu and Nayug will interact and affect one another, creating a vibrant universe.

Occasionally, the worlds can be seen overlapping; the magic weaver Tanda remarks that the affects of Nayug on Sagu are especially strong during the full moon, when Nayug's sun may appear in the night sky of Sagu, creating the image of a double moon. The most notable interaction occurs during the birth of the water spirit every one hundred years, when one of the water spirit's eggs will find a human soul in Sagu as a host until its birth.