The Kingdom of Rota is the country directly to the west of New Yogo. It shares borders with Kanbal to the north and the Yaltash Ocean to the south.

The king of Rota is Yosam, who is later succeeded by his younger brother, Ihan.



Multiple ethnic groups inhabit Rota, though tension exists between them.

  • The Tal minority group notably suffers considerable discrimination and are treated by the majority of Rotans as third-class citizens. They are feared because some Tal children a born with special ability to summon Talhamaya to this world. In the past, such a person ruled the country as a bloody dictator.
  • River people, who often give birth to children with special ability to ride their souls upon souls of various animals. Those children then grow to become magical weavers, who are also government spies called Kashals (hounds). Kashals's main goal is to watch over Tal people and prevent Talhamaya from appearing ever again.
  • Most of the population, including the royal family, are Rota people. However, Rota people of the Southern and Northern parts of the country usually don't get along.


Rota language is very similar to Kanbalese, which allows Balsa to speak freely with Rota people [1].


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