Gender Male
Occupation King
Location Kanbal
Novel Moribito II: Guardian of the Darkness

Rogsam was king of Kanbal and is the father of King Radalle.


Crown Prince Rogsam was the younger brother of the King of Kanbal and the heir to the throne. Because the king was often sickly, he eventually coerced the king's physician Karuna Yonsa to gradually poison Rogsam's brother. Karuna complied in order to protect his daughter, Balsa, but was aware that once the king was dead, he and Balsa would be killed in order to conceal the true circumstances behind the king's death. In hopes of at least saving his daughter, Karuna asked Jiguro Musa, the leader of the King's Spears, to protect Balsa.

After ascending the throne, King Rogsam arranged for Karuna and Balsa's deaths on the basis that Karuna had committed treason. Though reluctant, Jiguro rescued Balsa from Rogsam's assassins and fled with her to the New Yogo Empire. To protect his sister Yuka, Karuna informed her that Balsa died in an accident and her body could not be recovered. Several days later, Karuna was murdered by Rogsam's men; Rogsam would tell Yuka and the Yonsa clan that Karuna had been killed by thieves.

When Balsa returns to Kanbal as an adult decades later, Rogsam had already died and his son, Radalle, had become king.