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The Moribito is an encyclopedia about all things related to Moribito, including the light novels, manga, and anime series. You can help us to expand our wikia by editing or by creating pages!

WARNING: This wiki is full of spoilers! Read at your own risk.
Balsa and chagum

Moribito is a novel series by Nahoko Uehashi which has also inspired an anime adaption. The series follows the adventures of Balsa, a formidable female spearwielder who uses her abilities to save the lives of others by working as a bodyguard, and Chagum, the Second Prince of the New Yogo who becomes the eighth and final person Balsa agrees to save in order to atone for taking the lives of eight men.

During the first novel of the series, Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, Balsa is tasked with saving Chagum when the egg of a water spirit appears within him. Balsa and Chagum struggle against assassination attempts and the difficult journey to learn how to allow the water spirit to be born to prevent drought, but without sacrificing Chagum's life.

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Kanbal houses

Houses in the country of Kanbal
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Madame Torogai is an old Yaku magic weaver and Tanda's teacher. A master of the old ways, she is in-tune with the spirit world, Nayug. In spite of her age, she is capable of defending herself against most dangers. While she has a prickly and eccentric personality, she has her own ways of expressing kindness to others.

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