Gender Male
Occupation Hunter
Location New Yogo
Novel Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
Voice Actors
Japanese Naomi Kusumi
English Jamieson Price

Mon (モン) is the leader of the Hunters. "Mon", meaning "one", is implied to be an alias traditionally taken by the leader of the Hunters. His true given name is unknown, but his true surname is Orutoran[1]. He is 45 years old at the time of the show[2].


Little is known about Mon's personal history. As a Hunter, he is a descendant of one of the Eight Warriors who assisted the hero who founded the New Yogo Empire after defeating a supposed water demon.

The novel reveals that he was secretly trained since childhood by his father to become a Hunter and entered the secret service at the age of fifteen. Though Mon is skilled, the novel depicts him as a rasher man who eventually realizes that he was too reckless in pursuing the Mikado's orders. However, he accepts responsibility for his actions, stepping down from his position as the leader of the Hunters and prepares himself for punishment, though only after he allows Balsa and Chagum to succeed in allowing the Water Spirit to be born.

In the anime, Mon is depicted as an older and even-tempered man who effectively leads the Hunters. In addition to being a skilled and seasoned warrior, Mon is a keen analyst and astute strategist. After his early encounters with Balsa, he immediately recognizes her skill and respects her as an opponent, particularly when he realizes that she has elected not to kill any of her enemies in spite of the advantage it will offer her in order to protect Chagum.

However, he is duty-bound to ensure her death along with that of Prince Chagum according to the orders of the Mikado. Though he is normally a composed man, he expresses a rare moment of distress when he believes the Hunters have successfully caused the deaths of Chagum and Balsa in the Misty Blue Mountains. Throughout the series, Mon questions Balsa's motivations for sparing her enemies, being uncertain if she should be eliminated and wondering if she has spared them out of contempt. He and the Hunters prove to be highly troublesome foes for Balsa to contend with, especially under Mon's leadership. Under Shuga's direction, Mon and the Hunters find Chagum, with orders to bring Chagum back to the palace and to kill Balsa. However, he and the other Hunters eventually assist Balsa in defeating the La Lunga so that the water spirit can be born from Chagum.

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