The Mikado
The Mikado
Gender Male
Occupation Emperor of New Yogo
Location New Yogo Empire
Novel Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
Voice Actors
Japanese Atsushi Ono
English Chris Kent

The Mikado (帝) is a position of a supreme ruler of an empire, similar to an Emperor. In the novels, the New Yogo Empire as well as the Yogo Empire are ruled by Mikados. Mikado has both administrative and religious authority and is believed to be a descendant of a God (Ten no Kami).

Current Mikado of the New Yogo Empire is the father of Chagum and Sagum. He is the descendant of a Yogo Empire prince who, according to legend was the hero who saved the ancient people from a water demon and founded the New Yogo Empire.


Depicted as a serious and suspicious man, the Mikado does not hesitate to order the assassination of his son, Second Prince Chagum when it appears that the young prince is possessed by a demon who will bring about a terrible drought. However, the Mikado privately cares for his family and has only ordered Chagum's death out of responsibility to the people and empire that he rules. With Chagum's supposed death, he requests that his son be honoured as a hero in death rather than a pariah. It is known that the Mikado has three wives; the First and Second Queens are the mothers of Sagum and Chagum respectively, while the Third Queen is the mother of the Mikado's daughters[1].

When Shuga's investigations suggest that Chagum is alive and not possessed by a water demon, the Mikado expresses a willingness for Chagum to be returned to the palace, especially when Sagum dies and Chagum becomes the heir to the throne. After Chagum returns to New Yogo, the Mikado declares that Chagum is to be accepted as a hero who defeated the water demon that his ancestor had defeated, to allow the public to accept Chagum's return and to prevent dissent from the possibility of learning the truth behind the founding of New Yogo.

After Chagum's heroism turns popular opinion towards him, the Mikado begins to fear that he will lose control of the throne to his son, which drives a wedge between himself and Chagum. Once another son is born, ensuring that the line of the Mikado's succession will be maintained, he again attempts to have Chagum assassinated [2]. The attempt fails, but the Mikado's paranoia has become so great that he ignores his son's warnings about a forthcoming natural disaster, leading to his death [3].


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