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File:Angry balsa.pngFile:Anticipation.pngFile:Balsa-chagum.jpg
File:Balsa.pngFile:Balsa Seirei no Moribito by Haibra.jpgFile:Balsa and chagum.png
File:Balsa and chagum escaping.pngFile:Balsa and chagum talking.pngFile:Balsa and tanda.png
File:Balsa and tanda planning.pngFile:Balsa father.pngFile:Balsa hidden.png
File:Balsa hugs chagum.pngFile:Balsa knife.pngFile:Balsa raining.png
File:Balsa s Spear by scarlettfoxx.jpgFile:Balsa vs unknown man.pngFile:Balsa waiting.png
File:Balsa witnesses.pngFile:Becoming the tiger.pngFile:Blacksmith.jpg
File:Blue hand.pngFile:Cathy hirano.pngFile:Chagum.jpg
File:Chagum and balsa goodbye.jpgFile:Chagum and injured balsa.pngFile:Chagum and torogai.png
File:Chagum balsa plan.pngFile:Chagum between worlds.pngFile:Chagum frightened.png
File:Chagum grown.pngFile:Chagum hidden.pngFile:Chagum hugs balsa.png
File:Chagum in nayug.pngFile:Chagum possessed.pngFile:Chagum resolve.png
File:Chagum spear.pngFile:Displeased torogai.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:Fallen egg eater.pngFile:Fifth king spear.pngFile:First king spear.png
File:First palace bridge.pngFile:First queen.pngFile:Forum new.gif
File:Found by hunters.pngFile:Gakai.jpgFile:Guardian of the darkness.png
File:Guardian of the darkness cover.pngFile:Guardian of the spirit.pngFile:Guardian of the spirit cover.png
File:Hirano.pngFile:Hirano and uehashi.pngFile:Honoji wo iku mono cover.png
File:Honoji wo iku mono keiso.pngFile:Hoshinomiya.pngFile:Hunters.png
File:Hunters at waterwheel.pngFile:Hunters frustrated.pngFile:Hunters planning.png
File:Jiguro.jpgFile:Jiguro and karuna.jpgFile:Jiguro vs king spear.png
File:Jin.pngFile:Jin vs balsa.pngFile:Journey to ancient village.png
File:Kami no moribito 01 bunko.pngFile:Kami no moribito 01 cover.PNGFile:Kami no moribito 01 keiso.PNG
File:Kami no moribito 02 bunko.pngFile:Kami no moribito 02 cover.PNGFile:Kami no moribito 02 keiso.PNG
File:Kanbal houses.pngFile:Karuna hugs balsa.pngFile:Karuna yonsa.png
File:King spears memorial.pngFile:Koku no tabibito bunko.pngFile:Koku no tabibito cover.png
File:Koku no tabibito keiso.pngFile:Last king spear.pngFile:Listening to yaku elder.png
File:Little balsa.jpgFile:Location.jpgFile:Madame torogai.png
File:Magatsuinaba.pngFile:Master star reader.pngFile:Mikado.jpg
File:Mikado and queens.pngFile:Mikado throne.pngFile:Misty blue mountains.png
File:Mon.pngFile:Moon and nayug sun.pngFile:Moribito anime.jpg
File:Moribito anime banner.jpgFile:Moribito live action.pngFile:Moribito manga 01.png
File:Moribito manga 02.pngFile:Moribito manga 03.pngFile:Morobitowikia.jpg
File:Musa clan.pngFile:Nagare yuku mono bunko.pngFile:Nagare yuku mono cover.png
File:Nagare yuku mono keiso.pngFile:Nahji.pngFile:Nahoko uehashi.png
File:Nayug turtle mountain.pngFile:New yogo manga.pngFile:No-photo.jpg
File:Origin of yogo.pngFile:Rai and hyoku.pngFile:Remaining king spears.png
File:Ruisha Earring.pngFile:Sagum.jpgFile:Sagum at window.png
File:Saya.jpgFile:Saya lost soul.pngFile:Saya unhappy.png
File:Second queen.jpgFile:Second queen and shuga.pngFile:Second queen goodbye.png
File:Seirei no moribito bunko.pngFile:Seirei no moribito cover.pngFile:Seirei no moribito keiso.png
File:Shocked by the truth.pngFile:Shuga.jpgFile:Shuga and other star readers.png
File:Shuga thirsts.pngFile:Sig salua flower.pngFile:Soil and heroes.png
File:Soldiers assemble.pngFile:Soro no tabibito bunko.pngFile:Soro no tabibito cover.PNG
File:Soro no tabibito keiso.pngFile:Spear blade.pngFile:Spearwielder balsa.jpg
File:Star Palace.jpgFile:Star readers.pngFile:Summer solstice training.png
File:Sune.pngFile:Taga and sune.pngFile:Tagul.png
File:Tanda.jpgFile:Tanda between worlds.pngFile:Tanda confident.png
File:Tanda fights rarunga.pngFile:Tanda house.pngFile:Tanda in nayug.png
File:Tanda magic weaving.pngFile:Ten to chi no moribito 01 bunko.pngFile:Ten to chi no moribito 01 cover.png
File:Ten to chi no moribito 01 keiso.pngFile:Ten to chi no moribito 02 bunko.pngFile:Ten to chi no moribito 02 cover.png
File:Ten to chi no moribito 02 keiso.pngFile:Ten to chi no moribito 03 bunko.pngFile:Ten to chi no moribito 03 cover.png
File:Ten to chi no moribito 03 keiso.pngFile:The pursuit.pngFile:Three king spears.png
File:To the hunters hole.pngFile:Torogai.jpgFile:Torogai and waterfolk.png
File:Torogai and wolf.pngFile:Torogai speaking.pngFile:Torugaru and eight warriors.png
File:Toya.pngFile:Untimely death.pngFile:Water spirit born.png
File:Water spirit in chagum.pngFile:Water spirit sphere.pngFile:Wiki-wordmark.png
File:Yaku people.pngFile:Yaku village.pngFile:Yami no moribito bunko.png
File:Yami no moribito cover.pngFile:Yami no moribito keiso.pngFile:Yonsa clan.png
File:Young balsa.pngFile:Young balsa cries.pngFile:Yuko shimizu.png
File:Yume no moribito bunko.pngFile:Yume no moribito cover.pngFile:Yume no moribito keiso.PNG
File:Yun.pngFile:Yun and hyoku.pngFile:Zen.png

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