Remaining king spears

The King's Spears against Jiguro

The King's Spears, known also as the Royal Spears, were a group of nine men renown for the legendary skill as spear-wielders in the country of Kanbal. Answering only to the king of Kanbal, each of the men led one of the nine tribes of Kanbal and were highly respected by the people of Kanbal.

Amongst the King's Spears, Jiguro had been known as the youngest spear-wielder to ever attain the rank and was respected as its strongest member during the reign of King Naguru. However, because of the conspiracy that resulted in Naguru's death, Jiguro was forced to flee from Kanbal with the royal physician's daughter, Balsa. Naguru's successor, King Rogsam, sent the remaining eight members of the group to kill both Jiguro and Balsa. Though they had been Jiguro's friends, some had been blackmailed while others had been encouraged by a sense of rivalry to test themselves against Jiguro or their steadfast duty to the crown. The death of the King's Spear Tagul, had particularly grieved Jiguro as Tagul had been his closest friend and it is implied that he only fought Jiguro because King Rogsam had been holding Tagul's wife and children hostage.

After many years, they were all killed by Jiguro; it is the lives of these eight men that Balsa wishes to to atone for. However, because an entire generation of King's Spears had been eliminated by Jiguro, their successors did not possess the sufficient knowledge of the ritual of the Giving Ceremony of Kanbal, in which they would be confronted by the Guardians of Darkness.



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